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  • What is Real Bread?

    The essentials:

    Technically, the only ingredients essential for making bread are flour and water.

    With these two things you can make flatbreads and sourdoughs. That said, without a little pinch of salt bread can be a tad bland, and you might prefer to let someone else culture the yeast, rather than do it yourself.

    So, for plain Real Bread that gives us at most

    • Flour

    • Water

    • Yeast

    • Salt

    Anything else is, by definition, unnecessary.

  • What Real Bread Isn't

    If you add anything but salt to butter, you can't call it butter; if you add anything at all to milk, it's no longer milk. So why are we not afforded such legal protection when it comes to our daily bread?

  • The Real Bread Campaigns' definition

    “Real Bread is that made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additives.”

    Real Bread is nothing fancy and has nothing to hide.

    And by bread, we mean crusty baps, sourdough, bagels, bialys, injera, khobez, cottage loaves, baguettes, chleb, naan, chapattis, roti, hard dough, stottie cakes, lavash, ruisleipä, ciabatta, bara brith, Staffordshire oatcakes, bannocks, tortillas, paratha, porotta, pitta, pida …the list goes on.

    Bread being made without the use of any artificial additives, the Campaign seeks, finds and shares ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet.

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The Island Bakers are proud to support The Real Bread Campaign. An organisation, founded by the renowned baker Andrew Whitely, which fights for better bread in Britain.

The Real Bread Campaign...

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